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How to Get Your Podcast on Google Home

Smart speakers, such as the Google Home, have become a popular way for people to listen to podcasts. So, you may be wondering, if I have my podcast on Google Play Music, isn't it on Google Home as well? The short answer is no. The Google Home coordinates with Google's new podcasting app, Google Podcasts, so Google Play Music is a whole other separate directory. There are two different submission processes for Google Play Music and Google Podcasts, so in order to be listed on both directories, you've got to submit to both. So, we are going to break down the process to get your podcast on Google Podcasts and thus Google Home.

If you are looking for information on how to submit to Google Play Music, take a look at our tutorial here.

Podcast Requirements for Google Podcasts (and Google Home)

  • You run your own website.
  • Your podcast website and podcast feed are available to Googlebot. (Make sure your robots.txt does not block the path to your podcast homepage or podcast feed.)
  • You have a link to your RSS feed on your website.
    • Tip: Make sure that your RSS feed is exactly the same one you use for Apple Podcasts (iTunes), even the https: part at the front. Google appears to index you quicker if it is.
  • You have a link to your website in the RSS feed.
    • Tip: The link to your website needs to be the exact same URL as the one you used when linking to your RSS feed from your website.
  • You have a valid email address.
  • At least one podcast episode has been published in either mp3 or m4a audio format.

Submit Your Podcast to Google Podcasts (and Google Home)

There's no official submission process for Google Podcasts, so if your podcast is already discoverable in Google search results, your podcast should be on Google Podcasts already. If you search for your podcast on mobile and your episodes come up with the little play button next to them, then you can be sure that your podcast is already in Google Podcasts. However, if it is not, check that you have completed all of the requirements in order to be listed on Google Podcasts. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to verify that your podcast website is indexed by Googlebot. It may take several days or even weeks for your podcast to be listed in Google Podcasts as it depends on how long it takes for Google’s bot to find your podcast. You may be able to speed up the process a bit if you submit your webpage to Google here.

You can specifically check if your podcast is listed using Google Podcast's Direct Link generator.

While there is no official submission process for Google Podcasts (Google Home), as long as you follow the requirements, you should have no trouble getting listed on Google Podcasts. Just like Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and Google Play Music, it is vital that you are listed in Google Podcasts so that your podcast is as discoverable and accessible as possible. So, do yourself a favor and get submitting! Happy podcasting!

If you are looking for information on submitting to Apple Podcasts (iTunes), check out our tutorial here.

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