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How to Submit Your Podcast to Google Podcasts

In addition to iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Google Play Music and Google's new podcasting app, Google Podcasts, are large directories that you should submit your podcast to. So, keep on reading if you are looking for a tutorial on how to submit your podcast to Google Play Music and Google Podcasts!

Podcast Requirements for Google Podcasts

  • You run your own website.
  • Your podcast website and podcast feed are available to Googlebot. (Make sure your robots.txt does not block the path to your podcast homepage or podcast feed.)
  • You have a valid RSS feed on your website which links to your podcast.
  • You have a link to your website in the RSS feed.
  • You have a valid email address.
  • At least one podcast episode has been published in either mp3 or m4a audio format.

Submit Your Podcast to Google Podcasts

There's no official submission process for Google Podcasts, so if your podcast is already discoverable in Google search results, your podcast should be on Google Podcasts already. However, if it is not, check that you have completed all of the requirements in order to be listed on Google Podcasts. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to verify that your podcast website is indexed by Googlebot. It may take several days or even weeks for your podcast to be listed in Google Podcasts as it depends on how long it takes for Google’s bot to find your podcast.

Podcast Requirements for Google Play Music

  • You have a Google account. If you don’t have one already, you can create one for free.
  • You accept the Google Play Music Podcast Portal Terms of Service.
  • You have a valid RSS feed that conforms to the RSS 2.0 specification and has all required tags.
  • Ownership of the podcast is verified.
  • Podcast content follows the Content and Conduct Policies for Podcasts on Google Play.

Submit Your Podcast to Google Play Music

  1. Go to the Google Play Music Podcast portal.
  2. Select "Publish."
  3. Login with your Google account. If you have never published a podcast with Google before, Google will take a few moments to prepare your Google account for their podcast platform.
  4. Review and accept the terms of service.
  5. If this is your first time publishing a podcast with Google, you should be immediately directed to the New Podcast page to enter your information. If you aren't immediately directed, select "Add a Podcast" on the right side of the page.
  6. Enter your RSS feed and select "Submit RSS Feed."
  7. Verify your ownership of this podcast feed if asked. You may need to check your email (the address in your RSS feed) or enter a code for verification.
  8. Review your podcast information and select “Publish Podcast.”
  9. Wait for approval.

Google Play Music is one the larger directories and one of the most commonly used ones as well and Google Podcasts is Google's newest place for podcasts. Therefore, submitting your podcast to Google is likely one of your biggest priorities. The processes to submit are simple and will make you more discoverable, so get submitting! Happy podcasting!

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