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How to Listen to Live365 Radio Stations

Did you know there are 10 different ways to listen to Live365 stations? That's right: whether you're at home or on the go, you have several options when it comes to diving into your favorite internet radio stations. Here at Live365, we realize our listeners all have different tastes when it comes to the radio experience. That's why we've worked hard to give you so many listening options – and continue to broaden those options with future updates!

Whether you're new to Live365 or have been using the site for a while, we hope you try out some of the listening options below. Without further ado, here are the 10 ways you can listen to radio stations on Live365.

As a broadcaster, your station profile page link ( is your greatest tool for audience growth. Your station is automatically included in the Live365 directory via this link. The station link is one of the easiest ways to share your station with friends, family, and the world because it's simply a URL that you can copy and paste into your web browser. Those who click on the link will be led directly to your station on Live365. The station profile page link can be used almost anywhere on the web. Don't have a website to embed your station on? You can put your station profile page link in your social media bios for your followers to listen to.



If you do have a website for your radio station, you've got another great listening option. Live365 provides an HTML5 embeddable player widget as well as a last played widget for your website! Choose whichever size and color best fits your website style and layout. If you have your own webpage, you can embed the player widgets that we supply. You will find the code for your custom player widget by navigating to the Listen tab of your dashboard. This is a great accessory for your website and makes it easier for your listeners to find your station!


Mobile App

The Live365 mobile app and the custom single-station mobile apps are a great way to listen to stations on the go! The app also provides the ability to listen through Android Auto or Apple CarPlay while driving. All stations are on the Live365 mobile app and custom station apps are available for select Live365 stations, via the add-on or Broadcast 4 or 5 package. These apps are available both on iOS and Google Play, so go check 'em out, get downloading, and get listening!


TV App

Live365 is available on Android, Apple, Fire, and Samsung TVs! You can even access our platform using Roku TV. The TV apps expand the accessibility of all Live365 stations to all major media streaming platforms.

Roku TV in particular offers access to streaming media content from online services for more than 63 million people around the world. (That's a lot of people who can now access Live365!) We feel the TV apps are great to use during parties or other group settings. Using a Live365 TV app, you could showcase your station to friends, or access other stations and see what songs they're playing from the comfort of your couch!


Alexa Skill

That's right – even Amazon Alexa can play Live365 stations! Live365 is available as an Alexa Skill, allowing any station to be accessed via the smart speaker. Those on Broadcast 4 and 5 packages also have their own Alexa skill for their specific station. This is a great hands-free experience to listen to any Live365 station. After enabling the skill, simply say, “Alexa, open Live365.” Then say, “Play (station name).”


All Live365 stations are automatically included within the Radioline directory – accessible on web, mobile, TV, wearable, and auto devices – with over 50 partners across the globe (including Virgin UK, Vodafone, Proximus, VW group, and Comcast). The large directory provides listeners free access to news, sports, talk, and music radio stations and podcasts worldwide – now including each and every Live365 station!

Audacy Network

Live365 has partnered with Audacy to bring even more built-in distribution to our stations on higher-tier Broadcast packages for enhanced exposure and accessibility. All stations on Broadcast packages 3-5 and Non-copyright 3-4 are now included on Audacy – available on your PC, smart speakers, and a variety of other connected devices via the Audacy app. No matter your listening platform choice, you can access your favorite Live365 stations.

iHeartRadio and TuneIn Directories

Live365 also has partnerships with two very popular radio directories: iHeartRadio and TuneIn On Air. This means select Live365 stations are also available on iHeartRadio and TuneIn. Station inclusion in these particular directories comes with the Broadcast 4 and 5 packages, or TuneIn On Air is available as an add-on for any station.

Radio Directories

Live365 stations can submit to radio directories like Streema and more – to allow for another option for listeners to tune in. These are large libraries of online radio stations, which can help with discoverability for Live365 stations.

Those are your 10 methods of listening to Live365 radio stations! We'll be updating this page whenever new ways of listening become available. We hope you try out a few of these for your listening pleasure.

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