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Internet Radio During the Coronavirus Emergency

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the world is experiencing some form of social distancing, self-isolation, or quarantine to prevent the spread of the disease. All events, both current and in the near future, have been cancelled or postponed and non-essential business in many cities around the world is shutdown. Needless to say, people are adapting to these changes to day-to-day life and many have significantly more time on their hands.

With all of this said, Live365 is still here for all of your internet radio needs, whether you are a broadcaster or listener.

If you're a broadcaster, this is a great opportunity to put a little extra time into your station, potentially offering up some special programming, whether that be a curated playlist, live show, or new clockwheel. You might already have a list of ideas that you can act on or you might just consider offering some programming that you feel could lift people's spirits and provide a sense of community during this challenging period.

Another thing that you can consider doing on your station is using your station as a vehicle for PSAs as well as COVID-19 updates and info. Every day there is new information about the spread of the disease and the precautions that must be taken. So, you might find that your station could be useful for providing local, national, or even international updates and info. This kind of programming can look however you want, whether it be mixed in or a more substantial part of your station for the time being. (Note that Live365 is waiving TLH overages for any stations impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.)

Just remember, it is absolutely essential that any news, updates, or info that you provide on your station be factual. Ensure that you have fully researched anything you plan to broadcast to avoid the spread of myths and incorrect information. It's also worth noting that in this uncertain and tumultuous period, you should be mindful of the way in which you present updates and info so that you do not accidentally stir further panic in people.

Aside from programming, you might want to direct some of your time to other station-related work, such as marketing tasks. For example, you could write out some social media posts, refresh your logo or cover art, or update your station description. For ideas on ways you can work on your station, check out this organized list of articles.

Now, whether you're a broadcaster or listener, you are likely looking for some kind of entertainment to fill up at least a portion of your time. Internet radio is a great place to turn to for entertainment, whether you want music or talk content, and you might find the "live" quality of internet radio especially comforting right now. Many stations on Live365 have live shows and even if you're not looking for a live show experience, some may find comfort in knowing others are listening to the exact same thing as them. Since the majority of people cannot be in the presence of their chosen communities, an internet radio station may be able to safely provide the sense of community that is missing during this isolating moment.

Also, if you're just looking for something else to do instead of spending endless amounts of time on social media and binge watching movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, etc., internet radio is an awesome alternative. To view all of our stations and tune in to Live365, click here.

Finally, if you're an aspiring broadcaster or you're looking for a new hobby, Live365 is here for you! We are a one-stop-shop for your internet radio station, providing you with powerful streaming tools, licensing, monetization, and listening distribution. You can get started here, or email us at

Stay safe, and be well Live365 broadcasters and listeners!

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