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Lil Nas X Gives Birth to Debut Album 'Montero' & Shares Video for 'That's What I Want'

The baby is born! Or at least, the symbolic album baby Lil Nas X has been showing off on social media for several days has been born.

After many memorable posts of the singer with a very pregnant belly, he finally uploaded a video of him with contractions, saying, "I think the baby's coming!" This alerted to fans what they'd been waiting on for months: Lil Nas X's debut album, Montero, was finally dropping.

And then, at midnight, it happened: Lil Nas X gave birth to his first studio album in a very cinematic (and absolutely hilarious) video.

Like the aura of the rapper/singer himself, Lil Nas X's career start has been an unconventional one. After the massive success of his singles "Old Town Road" and "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)," many were wondering when the superstar would release a proper full-length album. At the end of June, the Georgia-born artist gave the people what they wanted and announced his first record - titled after his real name, Montero Lamar Hill - was on the way.

Montero includes the singles “Montero (Call Me by Your Name),” “Sun Goes Down,” and the Jack Harlow collaboration “Industry Baby." The project also has collaborations with Megan Thee Stallion, Elton John, Miley Cyrus, and Doja Cat.

Additionally, Lil Nas X has shared a music video for the song "That's What I Want." Directed by STILLZ, it's a scorching hot romance visual that sees the musician falling from the sky onto a football field, going camping, and getting married in a wedding gown...and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The promotional cycle behind this album has been legendary. It all started with the VMA-winning video for the album’s title track, which may have prompted a minor Satanic panic due to its demonic lap dance scene. Following an SNL wardrobe malfunction, Lil Nas X performed the single at this year's BET Awards and prompted a crowd - and media - reaction due to his closing kiss.

Later on, his “Industry Baby” video with Jack Harlow became memorable for featuring an all-male nude prison shower dance number. Lil Nas X would later perform the number with a full marching band at the MTV VMAs, where he was tied with Olivia Rodrigo and BTS for the most awards.

In the run-up to the album’s release, he’s been sharing promos where he’s pregnant, as well as hilarious Los Angeles billboards which jokingly entitle various kinds of people to "financial compensation."

Along with an album and new music video, Lil Nas X also released an episode of his satirical talk show The Montero Show. It has the artist interviewing himself and listing a ranked countdown of his music videos.

Montero is now available on streaming platforms and can be purchased digitally. A vinyl edition has yet to be announced.

Watch the video for "That's What I Want" below.

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Article Image: Lil Nas X in a pink football uniform lying on the field in his "That's What I Want" music video. (Lil Nas X via YouTube.)

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