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Metallica Teams Up With Brewing Company

What's more metal than having your own line of beer?

That's just what Metallica did. The heavy metal band collaborated with Stone Brewing, an Escondido, California-based brewing company, to come up with a new pilsner called "Enter Night."

Enter Night is said to be a "hoppy pilsner" at 5.7%. The beer, which was previously available in select stores and at concert venues during Metallica's 2018 tour, is now being sold nationally with hopes to expand internationally in the spring.

Lars Ulrich said in an interview with USA TODAY: "In terms of hard rock, Iron Maiden has been doing beverages very successfully and Megadeth has been doing beer. We have been watching everybody else do their stuff and sometimes just sitting back and watching... you sort of pick up what is working and (think) what could our model look like."

Metallica also has their own line of whiskey called Blackened.

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