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Rex Orange County Shares New Song 'Open a Window' Featuring Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator and Rex Orange County previously collaborated for two songs on Tyler's 2017 album Flower Boy. Now, the musicians have released another bop together called "Open a Window."

The new song - which seems to be about wanting to escape from expectations and uncomfortable situations - will appear on Rex's upcoming album Who Cares?, which is set for release tomorrow (March 11). The song also comes with an animated visualizer created by Braulio. Rex released the singles “Amazing” and “Keep It Up” earlier this year. As for Tyler, the musician is still riding off the success of his summer 2021 album Call Me If You Get Lost.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Rex credited Tyler with helping him overcome fears about releasing his music. "We spoke on the phone a little bit when he released Igor," Rex said. "I was kind of really worrying a lot about going back to — like I said, thinking about releasing this thing, and it was Pony, my last album. He just told me, 'The thing is man, there’s no such thing as good or bad. It’s either for you or not. So I heard something the other day, it wasn’t me, but I knew as a 12-year-old kid in Atlanta who’s going to hear that, and it’s going to be the same way. He’s going to feel the same way I felt when I heard Songs In The Key Of Life for the first time.' I was like, 'Damn. You can’t dismiss anything as bad.'”

He continued: "I was kind of walking around being like, 'But this album, it’s terrible.' He’s just like, 'Bro, just chill. Stop worrying about what people are going to think.' He’s very carefree, but at the same time, he really, really does care about the long full album. This is the other thing we spoke about recently. He was like, we got to keep the LP alive. We’ve got to keep albums going.'"

As for other things the young English artist is up to, Rex will be embarking on a summer tour soon. After playing some shows in March, the musician will perform across North America before stopping in Europe. Information about tickets and dates can be found here, while you can pre-order Who Cares? on Rex Orange County's official online store.

Listen to "Open a Window" below.

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Article Image: Rex Orange County singing into a microphone under red and blue lights at Primavera Sound 2018. (Christian Bertrand via Shutterstock.)

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