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The Music Scout (Alternative) - September 2022

Author: Jay Goldberg

I decided going forward I would start to also write about what I know best – entrepreneurship. But before I do, I will provide you with my background. Here are pertinent highlights: MBA in finance with concentration in statistics; Citibank Executive; Program Manager for The Palm Beach County Resource Center (a nonprofit helping small businesses succeed); CEO for DTR Inc. – a business consulting firm specializing in researching/writing business plans, strategic planning, market research, and developing/implementing work readiness and customer service training programs; author of work readiness, customer service, and entrepreneurship books; and developed and teach entrepreneurship courses in community/adult ed programs.

Business plans will be next month's topic. And while my research shows that 80% of the entrepreneurs I surveyed say business plans are important, only 20% actually had one. Since industry experts point to no business plan as one of the main reasons businesses fail, it's not surprising that according to the Bureau of Labor of Statistics only half of new businesses make it to their fifth year. Now, what are the main reasons why no business plan? I point to the album Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. It takes a lot of "Time" to write a plan, or costs a lot of "Money." And during my course as I teach this, I have the song "Brain Damage" from that album playing (song is about Syd Barrett). And then with a big grin I say, "or maybe the lunatics are in..."

"Wish You Were Here" by Studeo

Studeo is a married couple – Jeremy and Christine Stork from Australia. And they have a business plan: travel and write songs about it making their travel tax deductible. The downside? They miss their friends, "wishing they were here." It also fits because Pink Floyd's song of the same name was about...Syd Barrett.

"Sunny When You're Gone" by Late Night Legacy

How about the polar opposite of the previous song. Studeo is happy when you join them; Late Night Legacy likes it when you're gone. This band from Yorkshire, England has played on the same ticket as a couple of my favorite new wave bands: The Lightning Seeds and Duran Duran.

"Bag of Bones" by Kjell

Like Peter Schilling's continuation of Bowie's Major Tom ("Space Oddity"), my warped mind considers this Warren Zevon's "Excitable Boy" years later (Suzie's bones first in the bag?). Kjell, from Sweden, wrote this song after watching the movie The Revenant, wanting to catch the essence of the evil characters. He succeeded.

"Hurry Home (Song From The Pleiades)" by Jon Anderson

This is my favorite solo song by the former lead singer of Yes. Anderson may be the only person who believes Peter Pan is nonfiction. After all, it's a known fact that Anderson believes in Tinker-Bell-like fairies and claims to have seen them numerous times throughout his life.

"Here I Am" by Marion Raven

Marion Raven may be best known as the singer on "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" with Meat Loaf. This was a top 20 song in her native Norway. Prior to her solo career, Raven was a member of the duo M2M, best known for "Don't Say You Loved Me."

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