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Brad Walsh to Release Experimental New Album 'Antiglot II'

Brad Walsh - an up-and-coming experimental dance/electronica artist - is putting out a sequel to his critically acclaimed album, Antiglot. The sequel, appropriately titled Antiglot II is out tomorrow, August 26.

According to press releases, the new album is made entirely using vocal layers and body sounds. There will be eleven tracks in total. The songs are sonic diary entries of emotion Walsh experienced through travel. For example, the song title “Derb Chtouka” is a street in Marrakech, “Wimberley” is a small town in Texas, and “Medellín” is the capital of Antioquia, Colombia. His tracks “Hilma Swan” and “Final Swan” are responses to the 2019 Guggenheim showing of the lifetime collection of Hilma af Klint. Other titles were inspired by meditation in nature.

Walsh released the first Antiglot back in 2017. Similar to Antiglot II, it was also composed only using vocal layers and body sounds. It was produced by taking input sounds and producing them as though they were instruments, with lead vocals set atop. There are no actual instruments used in the composition, and no lyrics. The album was inspired by the contemporary American political climate. As a person who speaks multiple languages is called a “polyglot,” Walsh coined the term “antiglot” for the album title, referencing that there are no lyrics, and no languages spoken.

Antiglot II will be the follow-up to Walsh's 2019 record Artbreak. Antiglot II will be out on all major digital streaming platforms tomorrow via OMGBTW Records. You can learn more about Brad Walsh and his projects by visiting his official website.

See the album cover for Antiglot II below.

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Article Image: A promo photo of Brad Walsh. His face is on the right, while kaleidoscopic views of his ear loom to the left. (Photo by Dani V)

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