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Demi Lovato's Albums Ranked

Demi Lovato has had quite the year. With the release of their acclaimed docuseries Dancing with the Devil, an accompanying album, a brand new podcast out yesterday (May 19), and the announcement they've come out as non-binary, they're back in a big way.

After a dark period for the powerhouse singer (namely the overdose they suffered in 2018), they are overcoming their demons and claiming a new life for themself. Demi's always had struggles, but they have a certain strength in both their artistry and personality that makes them unbeatable. It's Demi's spunk and confidence which has launched them to household name status. Their moxie couldn't be more present in their music.

After acting in early 2000s kids shows like Barney & Friends and As the Bell Rings, Demi fell into Disney Channel stardom with their breakthrough appearances in Camp Rock and Sonny with a Chance. It wasn't long before they were pumping out albums, releasing chart-topping songs, serving as a judge on The X-Factor, and even becoming a Grammy nominee.

We've already covered some of Demi's best songs. Now, we're giving a definitive ranking of their albums: from our least favorite (but still very loveable) to our most favorite. Here are our picks!

7. Don't Forget (2008)

Demi Lovato's debut album, Don't Forget is a pop rock record fresh off Lovato's starring role in Camp Rock. It's an early 2000s teenage staple, it'll make you nostalgic for your flip phone and watching the Disney Channel on your CRT television set.

Don't Forget is last on our list because while it shows off Demi's vocal chops, the vibe of the album is not authentically theirs. This debut was actually produced by the Jonas Brothers, so sonically, it just doesn't feel like the Demi we know and love today.

Still, there are some good tracks in this album. Standout songs include "La La Land," "Trainwreck," and the title track.

6. Unbroken (2011)

There are a handful of standout tracks on Unbroken. Some of them include the top 40 staples "Give Your Heart a Break" and "Skyscraper" - which peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Don't get us wrong: Unbroken is a very good pop album made for radio stations. The reason why it's so low on our list is because it makes the mistake of opening with four duets. Demi collaborates with Missy Elliot and Timbaland on "All Night Long," features a rap bit with Dev on "Who's That Boy," sings with Iyaz in "You're My Only Shorty," and croons with Jason Derulo on "Together."

While the tracks are good, they don't show off Demi's chops like "Give Your Heart a Break" or "Skyscraper" do. Still, Unbroken is a more mature move for Lovato. "For the Love of a Daughter" regards their personal struggles with addiction and their estranged relationship with their biological father. Unbroken was the first album Demi used to open up about their personal struggles. The album also infuses a bit more R&B into their sound.

5. Demi (2013)

Lovato looked to transition from their self-described “generic” third album into a more exciting fourth album with Demi. This album incorporates new synth pop and bubblegum pop elements into Lovato's sound. The result is a more dancey and electric record.

Demi had some solid commercial success. It received mostly positive reviews from critics and debuted at #3 on the US Billboard 200. Demi also sold 110,000 copies in its first week — the highest first-week album sales of Lovato’s career.

“Heart Attack” peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking Lovato’s third US top 10 single. Demi's second single “Made in the USA” peaked at number 80, while later singles “Neon Lights” and “Really Don’t Care” both reached the top 40. This was also the album where fans noticed Demi's ballads started soaring, with "In Case," "Warrior," and "Nightingale" being notable tracks.

4. Here We Go Again (2009)

While this album may have the teenybopper themes of Don't Forget, Here We Go Again has something of a cult classic status among Disney Channel fans and Lovatics. It's even considered "the best album released by a Disney Channel star" in the eyes of some critics.

That's because for an album made by a 16-year-old Disney star, the production value is pretty high. Lovato chose to ditch a collaboration with the Jonas Brothers, going their own way and making their sophomore album more personal instead.

The result is still young and poppy, but with added power pop/jazz/soul influences and a certain authentic quality that sets Here We Go Again apart from other Disney Channel star albums. It's practically in a league of its own.

Here We Go Again topped the Billboard 200 chart and even featured a collaboration with John Mayer for the song "World of Chances." (He helped pen the song and played guitar for the track.) All in all, Here We Go Again is a perfect introduction to Demi Lovato's later discography.

3. Dancing With The Devil...The Art of Starting Over (2021)

Demi's seventh studio album and most recent release after a three-year hiatus, Dancing With The Devil has Demi confronting all the demons of their past...and it couldn't be more honest.

It talks about their drug addiction and alcohol abuse in the title track. They break free from the control of an old management team in "Melon Cake" - a reference to the watermelons covered in fat-free whipped cream Demi received on birthdays instead of actual cake due to their eating disorder. Demi even apologizes to their parents for losing their sobriety in "Sober."

Dancing With The Devil recently made it to #2 on the Billboard 200 chart. It's a musical epic: a heartbreaking investigation into Lovato's overdose, what caused it, and its repercussions. If anything, it's Demi rising from the ashes of their struggles.

Dancing With The Devil also features some wicked collaborations. Demi and Ariana Grande belt out their infatuations over a devil-like figure in "Met Him Last Night." Additionally, Demi and Saweetie sing about the strength of female friendships in "My Girlfriends Are My Boyfriend" and Noah Cyrus is featured in the breakup ballad "Easy."

2. Tell Me You Love Me (2017)

Demi's first album with Island Records, Tell Me You Love Me features more soul elements in Lovato's vocals and overall sound. It was a great move for Lovato, as the mechanics of soul music compliment their powerhouse vocals quite nicely. Tell Me You Love Me also has Lovato's trademark ballads and some more funk and EDM sounds in the production. This album is fun, groovy, and good for parties.

Most people know the standout lead single from this record, "Sorry Not Sorry." It debuted at #52 in the Billboard Hot 100 only to be boosted to #6 in the weeks ahead. It's still Demi's career peak on the chart.

The album also debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 chart and #5 on UK album charts. Besides "Sorry Not Sorry," some other standout tracks include "Tell Me You Love Me," "Sexy Dirty Love," "Ruin the Friendship," and "Hitchhiker."

1.Confident (2015)

The only album of Lovato's to receive a Grammy nod (Best Pop Vocal Album), Confident sees Demi embracing their complete adult form with more mature lyrics, a solid straight pop sound, and strong vocals that don't overdo it, but are also some of the most powerful of their career.

Confident debuted at #2 on Billboard 200 chart and within the top 10 in fifteen countries. It is also the first official album released by Safehouse Records: the record label Lovato co-owns with Nick Jonas.

This album has Demi collaborating with Iggy Azalea and Sirah, and features extremely emotional ballads like "Stone Cold" and "Father." Who knows how Demi is able to perform the latter song without breaking down in tears - it's heartwrenching.

However, this album isn't just doom and's also really fun! With mid-2010s classics like "Confident" and "Cool For the Summer" (which spawned one of the most iconic Vines in history), we're confident Confident deserves our #1 spot on this list!

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