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Radiohead Announce 'KID A MNESIA' Joint Reissue & Album of Unreleased Material

Radiohead are taping their early 2000's albums Kid A and Amnesiac together. At least, that's what's going on in a new teaser the band shared to social media today (September 7) - which reveals a joint 20th anniversary reissue of the two records.

In the 30-second teaser video, soundtracked by Amnesiac's opening track "Packt Like Sardines In a Crushd Tin Box", a pair of black-nailed hands attempts to tape together CD copies of Kid A and Amnesiac. It hints at a combined physical release of both albums to celebrate their 20th anniversaries.

Later this morning, Radiohead officially announced the joint reissue on social media. "We humbly submit KID A MNESIA to you," the band wrote in a caption. "It's a coming of age for Kid A & Amnesiac and it's joined by a new album, Kid Amnesiae, a memory palace of half-remembered, half-forgotten sessions & unreleased material."

A combined reissue is no suprise to die-hard Radiohead fans, considering Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien teased to NME last year fans might be in for something special to celebrate the two albums. “Due to the nature of it, I can’t fully reveal anything – but there have been talks about ways of doing something,” he said of potential reissues and celebrations.

He added: “It would be nice to honour it, but then there’s the struggle – how can you get that excited about an album that came out 20 years ago? I can’t. I’m thankful it was a moment and know that it means a lot to people, but it was a long time ago.”

Thom Yorke also told Crack Magazine in 2019 the band were planning to do something “really cool” with material from Kid A and Amnesiac in the coming years.

“I recently found this box file of all the faxes I was sending and receiving from Stanley [Donwood, visual artist] about the artwork and they’re hilarious,” said Yorke. “I’ve got all this stuff, pages and pages and photocopies, that I just left strewn around the studios...We’re going to do something really cool with all that material.”

Released seven months apart, Kid A and Amnesiac were the band's fourth and fifth studio albums respectively. Kid A includes the hit tracks "Everything in Its Right Place", "Motion Picture Soundtrack", and "The National Anthem", while Amnesiac is known for "Pyramid Song", "Like Spinning Plates", and "Dollars and Cents."

Kid Amnesiae includes the previously unreleased song "If You Say the Word," which the band shared today as a single. Those looking to obtain Kid Amnesiae and the KID A MNESIA collection can find more information on the album's website. There are several different bundles available to pre-order: including cassette packs, vinyl, CDs, art books, and digital downloads.

All packages will be fully available November 5.

Listen to "If You Say the Word" below.

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Article Image: Thom Yorke strums his guitar while performing with Radiohead during a music festival. (benhoudijk via DepositPhotos.)

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