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The Music Scout (Alternative) - August 2022

Author: Jay Goldberg

Last month I mentioned I joined a meetup group of musicians. I don't sing or play an instrument, I just enjoy music. The group is The Acoustic Musicians of Jupiter (and no, not the planet, the city in Florida; but there was this one spacey person...nevermind). I was impressed with the abilities of the members and suggested and managed a project to produce a CD from the group. The musician who became the recording engineer on the project had songs being played on an internet radio show. He sent them our CD and they started playing the music from the album. I joined the live chat and there I met Randy C. Moore's publicist Ginny Foley and we became friends. She thought I would do great with a show of my own so she introduced me to Bert Gagnon of Neon Music Radio, who agreed, and gave me a two-hour Saturday morning time slot after training me on equipment and presentation. In the past Bert not only had syndicated radio shows, but syndicated music TV shows as well. Bert loved my show. How come? There was always a reason for me grouping songs together in my 3 or 4 song sets, and he loved trying to figure out why. Sometimes it was obvious, sometimes not so much. My favorite was creating "stories" based on song lyrics, song titles, and/or group names. The first three songs below form another type of song set. See if you can figure it out (although I'll mention it in the write-up for the third song).

"The Good Life" by Fire Town

The song title and music give a false impression of this cynical song; listen to the lyrics. Doug Erikson and Butch Vig were in this band. Vig would go on to be a big time producer with Nevermind by Nirvana as one of his accomplishments. Steve Marker was sound engineer.

"The Rattler" by Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie

While Martin Metcalfe was the lead singer, on keyboards and backing vocals was our favorite liquid-metal T-1001 Terminator, Shirley Manson. This band got little airplay outside of the U.K. This song was originally released as a single before ending up on Good Deeds and Dirty Rags.

"You Can Love Her" by Angelfish

A side project of Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie with Shirley Manson as lead singer, produced by Chris Franz/Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club). Steve Marker heard this band and asked Manson to join Erikson, Vig, and him in Garbage. A band genealogy set ("Push It" would be my 4th song).

"Still Here" by DramaScream

If you like Evanescence, you'll love this song. Powerful in music and lyrics, the song is for the people left behind after losing loved ones to suicide and drug overdose; something,
unfortunately, band members are all too familiar with. The verses – people spiraling; the chorus – mourning the loss.

"Broken" by Randy C. Moore

With his latest album Moore has gone full country. However, his previous album Hwy 59 had some songs that could crossover to rock. There were three songs I considered but selected this one to follow through with my topic of themed sets. It's a natural fit with "Still Here."

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