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Since the original Live365’s inception in 1999, the company has been innovating the internet radio and broadcasting space. The new Live365 radio network features hundreds of genres of diverse music and talk curated and programmed by real humans across thousands of stations. Live365’s end-to-end broadcast platform enables individuals and organizations alike by giving them a voice to reach audiences through easy-to-use tools and services, as well as licensing coverage and monetization options.

Our Story

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We’ve been doing this for a while…

Live365, a true pioneer, started webcasting in 1999 when it was revolutionary to let people stream and listen to internet-based audio. The talent and passion of its webcasters quickly brought a global audience and explosive growth. Live365 grew to support tens of thousands of diverse internet radio broadcasters by offering a one-stop shop for tools, music licensing, and distribution. Unfortunately, due to changes in the U.S. licensing laws, Live365 closed on January 31st of 2016. It was a sad day for internet radio and many passionate programmers and listeners who had poured their hearts into Live365.

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…and we’re doing it again.

With new owners, a few key people from the initial team, and a renewed passion for webcasters, Live365 relaunched on May 1st of 2017. The “new” Live365 is even more dedicated and passionate about giving small webcasters the best place to stream on the internet. With powerful streaming tools, monetization, and listening distribution, Live365 is again the best one-stop shop for your internet radio station.

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Live365 is the easiest way to create an online radio station and discover thousands of stations from every style of music and talk.

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