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Custom apps built just for your station

Reach a broader audience and make your station easily accessible with a mobile app designed specifically for your station! The app is fully customized to your station branding, including the app name and logo.

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Main app features

View previously played tracks and metadata, including album artwork, on a fully customized app for your station.

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Listener features

Hear your station on CarPlay, Android Auto, and Chromecast. Favorite songs and turn on the sleep timer to customize your listening experience.

Social features of our app

Social sharing

Listeners can view your station description, contact you via email or social media, and quickly share your station to their followers.

In-app sharing tools

Get ready for your apps.

To distribute on Apple or Google stores, you must have paid developer accounts. Get started with the links below.

Apple Developer Program


Google Play


Broadcast for everyone to hear.


I already have a Live365 subscription. How do I get my mobile apps?

First, be sure to have Apple and Google developer accounts. Sign up for mobile apps in the dashboard. Bundled in premium packages and available as an add-on to any other package.

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