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Live365’s ad insertion solution enables broadcasters to maximize their revenue for their audience. Live365 is connected to the largest ad exchanges and trading desks, as well as directly representing inventory to buyers. The net result? We give you the maximum revenue for your listeners.

How it works

Live365 inserts ads for you at intervals of your choosing. Each ad break can be 30, 60, 90, or 120 seconds long. A minimum of 4 minutes per hour is required, but you may run more ads to maximize your revenue. Impressions and revenue are reported directly into your admin for transparent reporting and billing. We even provide a method for your DJs to insert ads in their live shows.

Ad selection

Maximum revenue

Live365’s Private Marketplace (PMP) allows buyers to transparently buy audio ad inventory across the platform and compete for the highest amount of revenue possible.

Ad revenue comparison

Not interested in running ads?

Monetization is optional—we offer packages with or without it.

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More broadcasting for your buck.


All stations are included in the Live365 Distribution Network. Your broadcast on Live365’s directory, mobile apps, smart speakers, and more.

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You’re legal. Music licensing coverage in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, with more coming!

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Manage your station in the cloud with AutoDJ. A single interface to schedule events, create ClockWheels and MultiTracks, view analytics, and grab players/widgets. You can also stream live or relay your existing stream.

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Access real-time data and historical analytics, including geolocation, platforms/devices, session starts, and more.

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Live365 works with any automation system and encoder that is compatible with Icecast.

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