24/7 programming has never been easier.

Between your scheduled shows, live broadcasts and Auto DJ, you can make sure your listeners are always able to tune in. We provide you with the tools you need to build and manage the station you’ve always wanted.

Manage media.

Our web-based media management tool makes it easy to upload new tracks to your library and manage all of your content. Use cue sheets and timestamps to properly tag shows and DJ mixes via MultiTrack. Utilize our tagging system to further organize your station’s content.

Our media management dashboard

Create playlists

Easily create legal playlists with our drag-and-drop interface.

Playlist editor

Go live.

Broadcast live to your station from anywhere. We support a wide variety of Icecast2 streaming tools.

AutoDJ, at your service.

The Live365 AutoDJ fills in any gaps in your schedule or you can just let it run to without having to schedule anything.

Our auto DJ software

Schedule events

Quickly setup an advance schedule of your station’s shows and playlists.

Scheduler view

More broadcasting for your buck.


All stations are included in the Live365 Distribution Network. Your broadcast on Live365’s directory, mobile apps, smart speakers, and more.

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You’re legal. Music licensing coverage in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, with more coming!

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Live365’s Advertising Revenue Share Program is included in all “with-advertisements” packages. We share 50% of the ad revenue with you, all credited to your account. You’re also free to generate your own U.S.-based revenue.

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Access real-time data and historical analytics, including geolocation, platforms/devices, session starts, and more.

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Live365 works with any automation system and encoder that is compatible with Icecast.

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