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Art for Smile by Lars Taylor


Lars Taylor

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  1. Art for A Foggy Day by Betty Roche

    A Foggy Day

    Betty Roche

  2. Art for Kiss of Fire by Billy Eckstine

    Kiss of Fire

    Billy Eckstine

  3. Art for Up All Night by Michael Lington

    Up All Night

    Michael Lington

  4. Art for I DIDN'T MEAN IT (FULL) by Lindsey Webster


    Lindsey Webster

  5. Art for Can We Talk (radio edit) by Reggie Buie

    Can We Talk (radio edit)

    Reggie Buie

  6. Art for Inner City Blues by 496 West

    Inner City Blues

    496 West

  7. Art for Jazz Zone Radio Drop by Unknown

    Jazz Zone Radio Drop


  8. Art for The Road Less Traveled by Joe Sample

    The Road Less Traveled

    Joe Sample


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