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PEPR - The only station in the world of Hip-Hop that plays the world of Hip-Hop Hip-Hop culture and Rap music as part of it are global. For years, this has been entirely uncontroversial statement and true on all accounts. Despite the consensus on the spread of the culture, the rest of the world, outside of North America, has been often reduced into its consumers. So when people say, Hip-Hop is worldwide, what they often actually mean is that mainstream, mostly major label top 40 rap artists are listened to across the planet. That is true, but it is not the whole truth. It is only a very small part of it. Planet Earth Planet Rap (PEPR) is part of Chuck D’s And You Don’t Stop! radio show and RAPstation operation and its purpose is to explore and celebrate the full rap map from all continents and in whatever language it reaches us. We acknowledge the global culture and the people in it as participants, not just consumers. PEPR is curated and hosted by Mikko Kapanen and Amkelwa Mbekeni who have years of experience from radio in different countries and continents and produced by Gia’na Garel. On Twitter and Instagram you can find PEPR with the hashtag #PEPR and with the handles @PEPRradio. You can also contact us