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Art for Rumors - by Johnny Crawford

Rumors -

Johnny Crawford

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  1. Art for Sun Arise - by Rolf Harris

    Sun Arise -

    Rolf Harris

  2. Art for Dear One - by Larry Finnegan

    Dear One -

    Larry Finnegan

  3. Art for Let's Go (Pony) - by The Routers

    Let's Go (Pony) -

    The Routers

  4. Art for The Music You Grew Up With, Plumtree Radio! - by Legal ID + Jingle

    The Music You Grew Up With, Plumtree Radio! -

    Legal ID + Jingle

  5. Art for Bustin' Surfboards - by The Tornadoes

    Bustin' Surfboards -

    The Tornadoes

  6. Art for Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out) - by Ernie Maresca

    Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out) -

    Ernie Maresca

  7. Art for Dear Lady Twist - by Gary U.S. Bonds

    Dear Lady Twist -

    Gary U.S. Bonds

  8. Art for (Dance With The) Guitar Man - by Duane Eddy

    (Dance With The) Guitar Man -

    Duane Eddy


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