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Art for Henchman Ride by Testament

Henchman Ride


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  1. Art for Fragile by Downhill Trend


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  2. Art for The Sisters Grimm by Cranium Radio

    The Sisters Grimm

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  3. Art for Another Way to Die by Disturbed

    Another Way to Die


  4. Art for Die With Me by Type O Negative

    Die With Me

    Type O Negative

  5. Art for DJ Heartbreaker's Cardiac Attack by Cranium Radio

    DJ Heartbreaker's Cardiac Attack

    Cranium Radio

  6. Art for Utopian Flesh by Singularity

    Utopian Flesh


  7. Art for Someday Never Comes by Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Someday Never Comes

    Creedence Clearwater Revival

  8. Art for Cranium Merch by Cranium Radio

    Cranium Merch

    Cranium Radio


Welcome to Art for the ears and mind... Cranium Radio is a different kind of station. We encourage our DJ's to become a part of their local scene. We encourage everyone to support your local artist, go out to a club, a bar, see a local act; Today's local acts are tomorrow big names! Cranium Radio has DJ's across the country and is branching out globally. Our philosophy is, all music is welcome here. There are no limitations: ROCK, METAL, PUNK, and so on. You get the idea! We are a proud supporter of artist and music in general; without music life would cease to exists.