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  1. Art for Welcome to Mainely 80's! by Paul Dupuis

    Welcome to Mainely 80's!

    Paul Dupuis

  2. Art for ADBREAK_120000 2 by Live365

    ADBREAK_120000 2


  3. Art for Energy Audits, Home Inspections by Affordable Home

    Energy Audits, Home Inspections

    Affordable Home

  4. Art for by Jim Baines, 80s Nerd

    Jim Baines, 80s Nerd

  5. Art for Ai No Corrida by Quincy Jones

    Ai No Corrida

    Quincy Jones

  6. Art for Foolin' by Def Leppard


    Def Leppard

  7. Art for Mainely 80's on the Boombox! by Paul Dupuis

    Mainely 80's on the Boombox!

    Paul Dupuis

  8. Art for In My House by Mary Jane Girls

    In My House

    Mary Jane Girls


A huge variety of music from the 80's: new wave, alt, pop, hair bands, rock. So basically, everything you may have heard on MTV, plus much more. Steve G weekdays from 12Noon-6PM EDT brings you lots of great info about the artists, where they are today and trivia about the music. Join us for music from the best decade, ever!