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The Jazz Funk Soul Movement

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Art for All Of My Life by Sebb Junior feat. Paula

All Of My Life

Sebb Junior feat. Paula

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  1. Art for JFSM LIF Promo with times by Untitled Artist

    JFSM LIF Promo with times

    Untitled Artist

  2. Art for Save A Lil Love by Reel People feat. Eric Roberson

    Save A Lil Love

    Reel People feat. Eric Roberson

  3. Art for Sway by Julian Vaughn


    Julian Vaughn

  4. Art for Me & The Boyz by Philippe Saisse

    Me & The Boyz

    Philippe Saisse

  5. Art for Funky G by Dwayne "Smitty" Smith

    Funky G

    Dwayne "Smitty" Smith


Do you ever get numb to the "Hot 100" or the repetitive nature of songs that appear to be different but sound the same? Well.....enter The JAZZ FUNK SOUL MOVEMENT! Established in 1999, it has been and forever will remain our mission (and pleasure) to share with your ears the underexposed music of the past AND present that deserves to be heard. Music is sooooo vast and endless. As listeners share different interpretations of what Jazz, Funk and Soul may be, so do our DJ's. You will hear old, new, smooth, progressive, new jack, trap and many other long as the sound feels tantalizing to the soul and the spirit. So thanks and for checking in with us and be prepared to expand your mind with The JAZZ FUNK SOUL Movement: It's not just music. It's a MOVEMENT!!!