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Art for Into the Hole by 32Crash

Into the Hole


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  1. Art for Wailing Wall by The Cure

    Wailing Wall

    The Cure

  2. Art for New Patterns (Edit) by Cycloon

    New Patterns (Edit)


  3. Art for K Y Re:Amin by Rx

    K Y Re:Amin


  4. Art for Adrenalin Rush by Leæther Strip

    Adrenalin Rush

    Leæther Strip

  5. Art for Screaming Hong Kong 93 by TATs Lau

    Screaming Hong Kong 93

    TATs Lau


An indiscriminate mishmash of industrial rock, EBM, post-punk, powernoise, experimental, synthpop, IDM, shoegazer, dark ambient, some of the less obnoxious forms of techno, and whatever else seems like it works.