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Dr. JOHN C. 'Turk' Logan, Jr. Dr. John C. "Turk" Logan, Jr. is a Forty one year veteran of Radio/TV Broadcasting. A recent Inductee into the Broadcasters Hall of Fame in Dayton, Ohio (9/09), Dr. Logan is retired as General Manager of WCSU-FM ("Your Urban/Jazz Connection"12/31/09) Central State Ohio. I am very proud to have created a successful format, Urban/Jazz 1986 c, and managed a great radio station for 24 years. Dr. Logan has also taught as a Professor of Communications at the Nation's Oldest private HBCU, Wilberforce University. (1993 to 2010), He is President/CEO of Logan Communications/Publishing and Logan Entertainment, Inc. Logan Publishing has published the following books: Rap Ritual & Reality: Violent Music Makes Violent Kids; The Reality of A Fantasy (an autobiography) and The Academy of Broadcasting. Dr. Logan has collaborated on several award-winning movie scripts which have been reviewed by the The Ohio Film Commission. Dr. John C. “Turk” Logan, Jr., author of Rap Ritual & Reality: Violent Music Makes Violent Kids, a thorough review of the impact of gangsta’ rap on our Nation’s (AND our World’s) impressionable young people. Dr. Logan has appeared on over 150 National and International Radio and TV shows to discuss his book… and with the recent upsurge in youth violence the book is more important than ever. Most importantly because of its in-depth look at the damage done to African Americans by the use of the “N” word in gangsta’ rap. Dr. Logan has impeccable credentials for these discussions. His life story is a tribute to one man’s willingness to pay the high price of success. Those who know Dr. John C. “Turk” Logan, Jr. know that very little can deter him from the pathways he chooses for himself. In his autobiography The Reality of A Fantasy, he spins a tale of a young man in love with broadcasting, whose early life seemed more than full of challenges. Losing his father at an early age, young “Turk” had to find it in himself to overcome those obstacles that race and education would put in his way. Still, he overcame. In the early 1970's, “Turk” found himself in a sales position with Dayton’s pre-eminent Black radio station, WDAO-FM. Though sales was not his dream, he worked hard and persevered. His hard work was recognized when he was given a chance at an on-air shift. His rise was meteoric: from disk jockey to music director to program director in only a few years. The clear pinnacle of his success was his guidance of a series of Dayton, Ohio music groups to National success. Such groups as “Johnnie Wilder Jr. and Heatwave," “Dayton,” “The Ohio Players,” “Lakeside,” “Platypus,” "Faze O," "Slave," "Zapp," with Roger, "Sun" and many others had their first exposure on WDAO-FM. The wall of gold records awarded “Turk” Logan over the years pays tribute to his uncanny ability to hear a million seller long before others.