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Art for Donna Mon Dai by Barbee Boys

Donna Mon Dai

Barbee Boys

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  1. Art for Determination Symphony by Roselia

    Determination Symphony


  2. Art for Wind by Asura



  3. Art for Retto-sha no Gyakushu by Vivid Undress

    Retto-sha no Gyakushu

    Vivid Undress

  4. Art for Never Ending by Girls Rock Band Kakumei

    Never Ending

    Girls Rock Band Kakumei

  5. Art for Kokui no Tennyo by Onmyoza

    Kokui no Tennyo



A Go-Ju (hard-soft) tour of the melodic galaxy. Rock, Pop, Punk, Anime and Fusion from Asia, North America and Europe of Planet Earth. Departing Immediately... 日本大好き ~~~ [N.B.: Word-of-mouth is important. If you like this station, spread the word!]