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Art for AmeToGamu by Tomoko Tane


Tomoko Tane

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  1. Art for Tear Off Your Chain by Galneryus

    Tear Off Your Chain


  2. Art for Over the Rainbow by Area 51

    Over the Rainbow

    Area 51

  3. Art for Thanks Rabureta by The Winking Owl

    Thanks Rabureta

    The Winking Owl

  4. Art for Deep-sea Fish Orchestra by Superfly

    Deep-sea Fish Orchestra


  5. Art for 120 Second Ad Break by Live365

    120 Second Ad Break



A Go-Ju (hard-soft) tour of the melodic galaxy. Rock, Pop, Punk, Anime and Fusion from Asia, North America and Europe of Planet Earth. Departing Immediately... 日本大好き ~~~ [Note: DJs have no control over the outrageous ad volume - only the Live365 host site does. Direct comments to ]