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Art for Rubber Biscuit by The Chips

Rubber Biscuit

The Chips

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  1. Art for Breathe In by Frou Frou

    Breathe In

    Frou Frou

  2. Art for The Boy With The Thorn In His Side by The Smiths

    The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

    The Smiths

  3. Art for Stalag 123 by Big Audio Dynamite

    Stalag 123

    Big Audio Dynamite

  4. Art for I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You by The Alan Parsons Project

    I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You

    The Alan Parsons Project

  5. Art for Every Breath You Take by Sting & The Police

    Every Breath You Take

    Sting & The Police


Welcome music lovers! Multi-genre, multi-decade, this station is truly eclectic, so whatever is playing when you tune in, the next track will most likely be very different. I think after a couple of hours, you'll get a pretty good cross-section of the playlist. This station is a great way to discover music you might like. It would take you over 68 hours to hear every track. To make the playlist, a song must have a distinctive melody (sadly lacking in most music), a great hook, and not have been overplayed. You will hear lots of "would have been, should have been" hits, songs you haven't heard in decades, and rarities you will hear nowhere else. Let me know what you think, Visit to see the playlist.