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Art for No Faith by The 14th Floor

No Faith

The 14th Floor

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  1. Art for LPR - Listen Project Radio by NE Ohio's OWN Music

    LPR - Listen Project Radio

    NE Ohio's OWN Music

  2. Art for Runaround by Love Affair


    Love Affair

  3. Art for Plantation Harbor by Joe Vitale

    Plantation Harbor

    Joe Vitale

  4. Art for Statutory Sue by American Noise

    Statutory Sue

    American Noise

  5. Art for Tom Jares/French Lenards ID by NE Ohio's OWN Music

    Tom Jares/French Lenards ID

    NE Ohio's OWN Music


Great music deserves to be heard. From power pop, straight ahead rock and folk to punk and post punk, electronic, avant-garde, the NE Ohio music scene (Cleveland, Akron and Kent) from 1975 to the early 21st century thrived and while there were varying levels of “success,” what really developed was a very cool sense of community. This station is the story of those bands, artists, venues, recording studios and supporters of that moment in a rich history of Cleveland music. This is Northeast Ohio's OWN music - Listen Project Radio.